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•In 1990, SINGLE-TREE ARTINDUSTRY CO.,LTD. was founded in Puli Town, Nantou County, Taiwan Province. As a pure original equipment manufacturer (OEM), the company receives orders completely through traders and is specialized in the production of cold porcelain products.

•Founded in 1990 in Taiwan, the company is mainly engaged in design and manufacturing of gifts, souvenirs, female ornaments and art collection.

•In1992, the company set up a factory (former No. 1 factory) in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province.

•Founded in 1992, its factory has a land area of 125,000M2, 1,200 people, and more than 100 designers and sculptors in its design, research and development department.

•In 1993, the company set up a development department.

•In 1994, the company began assisting customers in sculpturing.

•In 1995, the company completely performed designing, sculpturing, and sample-making for customers, with the business mode of direct cooperation with foreign customers from through traders and products of the combination of clod porcelain and tin alloy accessories form singer cold porcelain (resin) material.

•In 1996, the company set up an alloy department which produces in-house tin alloy accessories.

•In 1997, the company began producing tin alloy products and founded No. 2 Factory.

•In 1998, the company researched, developed and produced tin alloy painted jewel boxes.

•In May 1999, the factory passed the certification of ISO9002 Quality Management System.



Company Profile

Single-Tree Art Industry Company Limited is designer, manufacture and distributor of giftable and collectible merchandise, with mixed media such as ployresin,metal alloy, crystal and porcelain, wood along with some othe metals. 100,000 square meter factory areas with 3,500 workers, including 300 in-house product development designers and sculptors.

Established in middle of Taiwan in the year of 1990, set up the factory in Huizhou,Guandong Province in 1992, targets with professional quality, affordable price, and punctual delivery, to serve well with all the clients. Certificated with ISO9002 to keep the operation and the management sufficient.



Implement the anticipative vision of the Enterprise

Single Tree Art was founded it Taiwan at 1989, starting the career as OEM for the famous overseas brand in the collectible hand craft art pieces. The Chine factory was then set up at 1992 in Guang Dong Province, and rapidly expand to a large scale Art products factory with the increasing demand from the overseas market of USA and Europe.

It's been the internal understanding from the beginning that the own brand development is as important as the production capacity and capability, "Nobility" as a own brand was the built up at 1995 and reinforce the invest from all aspects from 1997 based on the dramatically progress of the domestic economic advance and needs in China. it's not a short sight "ht and run" business that Single Tree and Nobility are pursuit for, but an eternal enterprise culture affordable with all test and obstacle to pass over from generation to generation through times.

From the transaction of the business culture as a simple production bass to a multiple service center including

development, production and after sale service, Single Tree have had the hard time to pass through the material resources and prative, improvement and creation of the art craft technology, new art trend extension etc... no matter with Poly resin, Metal alloy, Porcelain, Wood, Plastic, Up to the Crystal technique, all multiple material combination gives great improvement and brings satisaction to meet all customer's various needs, which makes Single Tree a solid bass to be always the leading position in this Art products field.

It is said: 『There's no "sunset" Industry, but only "sunset" Enterprise.』

Which means any industry has to change itself to move on with times change, the only enterprise to be eliminiated by time are the one won't improve nor adapt itself with the time change. Each individual art we produced by heart could be culture heritage, we do believe that all our steps with efforts will create a glory history by using our delicately designed art pieces to spread the culture to the world adn make it popular.

It's always our policy to make Art part of life, easy reachable and even usable, to introduce these art pieces to fuse with our life and enrich the visual and spiritual life with the beauty of nobility Art.


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